Tree-scented sake

What is BOKKA, a tree-scented sake liqueur?
Based on Junmai Daiginjo sake, the aroma of various trees in the forest,
BOKKA is a sake liqueur made from pure rice daiginjo sake, smoked and infused with the aroma of various trees found in forests through a special process.

You can enjoy the characteristics of the wood aroma and the mild taste of Junmai Daiginjyo sake.
The main sake barrels used for whiskey are oak barrels,
However, in Japan, there are various types of wood that are not used for barrels.
If you walk through the forests of Japan, you will find a variety of trees, each with different aromatic characteristics.

The characteristics of these Japanese trees and the mellow flavor of Junmai Daiginjo sake are fused together.
The mellow taste of Junmai Daiginjo sake is a fusion of these characteristics of Japanese trees and the mellow taste of sake.

The aroma of trees and sake is like nothing you have ever tasted before,
We are sure that you will have a moment that you have never experienced before.

Six unique fragrances

For a restful time for adults,
On the rocks with a soothing woody aroma.

For a toast after work,
a refreshing forest-bathing feeling.
Sake highball for a refreshing forest bathing experience.

Enjoy the healing aroma of each tree,
the healing aroma of each tree.

Thinking of the forest,
the brewing culture of sake,
BOKKA will lead you to a better life.
to a better life.

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Simple Ingredients

The ingredients are simple: only sake (rice and rice malt) and wood chips from the respective trees. The base sake is junmai daiginjo-shu brewed at a sake brewery in Niigata Prefecture.

Alcohol content: 15%.
Contents: 150mℓ